Our Mission Statement

Our Product
To provide a lightweight, packable, water/wind/fire-resistant insulated leg covering that keeps you warm and dry when sitting by the campfire, on a desert UTV ride, during outdoor sporting events, jeeping with the doors off, or any other adventure you may be on. 
Our Pride
The KickSac was meticulously designed for durability and functionality. We wanted to ensure that it performed numerous functions so that it wasn't just another item sitting in a closet somewhere. All the materials that make up the KickSac; were sourced responsibly. Manufacturing of the KickSac is performed in various locations across the foothills of Colorado and is a source of pride for us. 
Our Pledge

 To minimize the impact on our plant, our manufacturing partners are registered B Corp. and recycle all unusable remnants of fabric and other materials. We offer a "Trade-Up" option that consists of trading in your worn & torn kickSac for a heavily discounted purchase of a new KickSac. We then refurbish the trade-in with the intent of donating or reselling it.