* Wind Proof

* Element Channeling Technology

* Water Resistant

* Fire Retardant

The tightly woven fabric prevents wind from entering and traps in your own body heat to keep you warm. The waive pattern, channels the snow, water and sand off the fabric which prevents penetration.

It's also coated with a water resistant moisture barrier and fire retardant. So you can rest easy when sitting next to a campfire or having to sit in wet or snow filled bleachers.  

Rugged Zipper

A rugged side zipper to allow for leg extension when needing to hike those bleachers or climb into an off-road vehicle. Whatever you need, we designed for that WITHOUT you losing any body heat. 

Drawstring Waste-band

This creates a "Once Size Fits Most" snug fit around your waste-line while trapping in your natural body heat. It's also used as your bungee strap that keeps your sac rolled up so you can stuff it into the stuff sac.

Stuff Sac

What better way to shove this KickSac under your cars seat, or hang off the back of your backpack during hikes. It also fits nicely in those gear bags when heading off to the sports field or dunes.

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