About Me

Hi Guys.

My name is Dannielle. I'm a California native, but now growing roots here in Colorado. I am first and foremost, an adventure enthusiast. I love the great outdoors and everything in between. Growing up in rural southernmost California, the desert and off-roading with family and friends is what we do. Ocotillo Wells, Glamis, you get it. That was our winter, spring, and fall sport. And it gets mighty cold and sometimes wet on night runs. And that is exactly what we were doing when I thought of "KickSac", FREEZING MY BUTT OFF! Blankets just don't cut it because the wind goes right through. Then you hit a little mud, mix it with sand, and there you go, a very destroyed blanket that cannot be washed in a machine (which destroys both). Mine wound up becoming my dog's blanket in the back of my Jeep (even to this day). And speaking of Jeeping, you take your doors off for a nice spring drive up to the mountains, only to freeze your legs off because IT'S COLD UP THERE STILL.

So while this was something I needed, every camping trip with friends presented thoughtful conversations regarding all the applications this could be used for. 

The one thing we all have in common is a passion for adventure and the good old outdoors. It is my goal, to make sure everyone stays warm and dry with a durable, quality, American Made product that everyone can benefit from.  

Live your best life, warm!
Dannielle Isabelle