KickSac LLC Launches The First Of Its Kind Insulated Leg Sack For Cold Weather Adventurers

KickSac LLC Launches The First Of Its Kind Insulated Leg Sack For Cold Weather Adventurers

KickSac LLC Launches The First Of Its Kind Insulated Leg Sack For Cold Weather Adventurers

Providers of innovative lifestyle products, KickSac LLC, announces the launch of their unique patent-pending insulated leg sack for cold weather, sports, leisure, and other cold-weather activities

KickSac LLC looks to disrupt the outdoor gear industry with the launch of the KickSac. Made from a durable ripstop fabric, the product is uniquely designed to offer the best outdoor experience to lovers of adventure, allowing them to enjoy nature without being worried about extreme weather conditions.

There has been an increase in the number of people engaging in different forms of outdoor activities in recent times. Consequently, more brands have entered the outdoor gear market to deliver solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. However, extreme temperatures, especially during cold conditions, often restrict people from having fun outdoor. Even the advent of outdoor lap blankets has failed to address the concerns of lovers of adventures, which is where Dannielle Isabelle and her team at Kicksac LLC are looking to change the narrative with the KickSac.

Unlike the average cumbersome lap blanket that often allows wind to go right through, is not water resistant or even fire retardant, and they are especially difficult too clean if they become muddy. KickSac is designed to be water and windproof, fire retardant, and abrasion-resistant with element channeling technology, making it a durable solution for all-weather elements encountered during the sojourn. It’s as easy to clean as hosing it off and left to hang dry.

KickSac is designed to excel where outdoor lap blankets fail, especially as the leg sack encapsulates the lower bodies to retain body heat. The versatile made in Colorado leg sack comes in 3 general sizes and is ideal for hockey, football, and Soccer fans, UTV riding, hunting, camping and even as emergency gear for the car.

Other features of the leg sack include a rugged side zipper for leg extension, drawstring waste-band to create a "one size fits most" snug fit around the waste-line, and a Stuff Sac for easy carriage. It is light weight and packable for easy stowage. You can rest easy warm and dry and just kick back with a KickSac.

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About KickSac LLC

KickSac LLC was founded by Dannielle Isabelle to provide a lightweight, packable, water/wind/fire resistant sac to keep lovers of outdoor activities warm and safe as they enjoy nature.


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