"Happy Campers" 
are Never Cold!

Whether off-roading in the Desert, Jeeping in the Mountains, camping or just hangin out in the bleachers watching a good o’fashioned ball game or two, my BEST LIFE is Lived outdoors. But good Lord, I HATE BEING COLD! I always wear my favorite boots and fluffy jacket, but my legs are ALWAYS cold. Blankets just don't do it! Atleast not everything I need them for. Being the minimalist I am, I had to create something innovative and purposeful, to suit all my outdoorsy needs. I designed the KickSac in 2016 and have put it through every single test I could think of (I literally take it everywhere I go). The uses of the KickSac are endless and I am so honored to be able to now feel confident enough to FINALLY share it with you all (ya’ll). 

 Equally important, I’d love to hear how YOU #KickSac and #WhatsYourAdventure. Come hang out with me (and the rest of us like minded individuals) on Instagram and Facebook and let's share our lives (and adventures) with one another.  
Dannielle Isabelle, Creator